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USD Member Dec 17, Fact is that you can't turn something that is supposed to be romantic into a QTE-fest without it becoming a meaningless parody of itself.

Unless I'm mistaken, that was more from the PSN than the actual system, and it was from the older models, whereas the slims were generally not affected by it. Short hair milf. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. I tried your way it didn't work so no. I didn't know there was a nice sex scene with Jack. Heavy rain nude mod. Heavy Rain has an optional sex scene between Madison and Ethan.

Jackson Member Dec 17, One that leaves one of the game's stars, Madison Page, completely naked. Since the dawn of attractive video game characters, gaming enthusiasts or, rather, overenthusiasts have sought to hack and mod clothing off of digital heroines. What's wrong with all the graphic nudity? NakhtiEmperor1 d ago wow really, is the only reason you play games is to see boobs and a vagina, thats sad kids, their is a reason the game is rated M for mature. To make matters even worse, if the player is a female character and has the Black Widow perk equipped, sex with Benny is made a possibility and the end result is suitably awful.

Which is something I must admit though, while the glitch is nice, it's still a glitch, and I thought we'd get past such a point where we have glitches, especially on the PS3, with the power it has, we should be able to STOP glitches. Well after having played Indigo Prophecy many years ago, I completely expected heavy rain to be the same kind of gameplay and approach to story telling.

Seeing as a fully naked model of Madison exists in the game already, from her shower scene earlier in the story, this is definitely something that's within the realms of possibility. The naked and famous girls like you lyrics. This is a thread for mentioning the games with sex or nudity, or discussing the treatment of it or the fact that the games, despite the age restrictions, are held to different standards than R-Rated movies.

The ones that level cities? Part of the answer lies in the self-censorship of the scene itself. Having them presented in this sort of 'catch them all' scenario cheapens it though. Yea that is the last thing we need. Video games are no strangers to nuditybut they're harshly rated for even the slightest inclusion. To say that there "should be less" is like saying every time an American Pie direct-to-DVD comes out, your local PTA and puritan religious community organizations should get up in arms at their local Best Buy about it.

Basically, you lead a conversation that way usually by completing a quest line or offering a giftthen you get a short scene. Yep, those are some boobies alright.

Athlon d ago LMAO! I'm guessing this won't go unpatched for very long. Why the fuck should I care who these people screw? Brotherhood was good on this. Then again, there is the possibility that the game will sell well because of the controversy.

Definatly an awesome glitch. Video game sex scenes are pretty much universally terrible. Xxx lesbian porn tube. Possibly a freak occurance User Info:

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Watch it before they get removed! Darklord Banned Dec 17, It's unique in a way but probably won't be engaging for the average gamer since its gameplay is truly for the niche crowd. Pinay naked blogspot. Sectus Member Dec 17, She's no stranger to nudity in media; she was topless for no reason in the film Swordfish.

Read more in this series X. God of War may have always known how to portray gratuitous violence, but oh boy did the series struggle when it came to sex. John Funk 2 Mar For once you did something right. Heavy rain nude mod. Blade and Soul CN: NakhtiEmperor1 d ago wow really, is the only reason you play games is to see boobs and a vagina, thats sad kids, their is a reason the game is rated M for mature.

We may well see this issue corrected not for typical censorship reasons, but because the error changes an aspect of Madison's storyline and characterization. When Blue Mary would ring out after winning in Real bout on a certain stage she'd lose her top. Obviously, I will not be allowed to post the link to the video in this thread because it involves nudity, but there are a few videos of it on youtube.

If not, just post links to funny nude or sex scenes in games.

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How did they manage this? I'm waiting for the inevatable 'Heavy Rain Hot Coffe' headline. Why would you do that? The two occasions where full frontal nudity could be included, something obscures the pelvic region of the character. Someone went out of the way and got video footage. Escort girls in turkey. There isn't much more uncomfortable than seeing naked people or a weird sex scene in a game.

We knew that Heavy Rain would have nudity before the game even came outbut there seems to be an unintentional side effect of including a fully naked model for your attractive female lead in the game's files: KidMakeshift d ago Too bad there's no vagina physics. There is no way of moving before you put clothes on. Agree 7 Disagree 2. Nighthand ; edited by: Eri received a warning for this post.

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Katrina hot nude pics What is the best strategy for completing the last scene?
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Big tits at walmart Ellis Kim Banned Dec 17, Even if it matters to the story in a drama or something it sure doesn't help my gameplay experience to sit through a ton of boring as hell, uncanny valley, cg, HBO-like, softcore porn. You can see Madison without her underpants in a frontal view.
Hot sexy ass tits Dead Man Member Dec 17, Be thankful the glitch affects Madison, and not someone else.
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