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Which also makes zero sense, because titles can change hands on TKOs, especially in street fight scenarios. He also mentions that Vamprio went to the booker and told him all about how much Jericho hated being in Mexico and didn't want to be there. Female escorts in johannesburg. Any time I've heard Mundo talk, he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Wikipedia has an article about: They later met again in Japan and Vampiro tried to pull the same shit, only Jericho had a lot more sway at the time. I interviewed him near the end of I imagine him tossing a chip into the air, performing a backflip, landing with his head facing upward and catching the chip in his mouth. John hennigan naked. Submit a new text post. Can't remember which team was supposed to beat them. Changing his name back to Morrison on Twitter seems big. Still super shitty though. Horny lesbian first time. I'm just stating fact.

The man was a walking orgasm Very true. He wins a single match? She's known to blackmail companies into leaving whenever they think of taking the title of her.

It's also worth accentuating that she was stripped for an "illegal choke" in a no-DQ match. Any link post not featuring wrestling itself, or in relation to a wrestling show or the wrestling industry, is subject to removal.

Retrieved from " https: In prime condition physically? They keep it and say they'll give it back. Not even just stripped of the belt, they were sketch af having Mundo bring it to them for a photo shoot then keeping it.

No spoilers in titles for 24 hours after a show has aired. I had to miss Slamdance because I was on a gig. Any time I've heard Vampiro talk, he seems like a self-important, lying douche. Retrieved 8 August Taya wins the Reina de Reinas woman's championship title, in a street fight via choke. Dec 18, 2:

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Far as LU goes, I'm not a fan but she's super over with the live crowd. Come here to discuss pro wrestling in all its forms and factions. Ruby rose tits. At any time the moderators will use discretion on any given rule. All Stars 13th Place. Such a shame for LU.

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If they feel it's significant or unique to be up despite the rules. I mean Vampiro always came across as kinda a dick with an ego the size of Texas. Also, I once saw Johnny Mundo walking down the street on my way to a liquor store. John hennigan naked. They keep it and say they'll give it back. Milf sex audition. Get your flair here! Alright I'll admit I never really followed Vampiro or well really even gave a crap about him.

Morrison and The Miz: Crash has way too much great talent not to be distributing it in a real capacity. This message was created by a bot. Don't reply as a new post If you want to fix someone's post, or have a better example of what's been posted, tell us so in the comments, not by making a new post! Every place has it's ups and downs. We are legit living in a golden age or alternate wrestling and you feel all of them are boring? Obvious reposts and titles that are overly ambiguous will be deleted at the moderators' discretion.

It's getting a really limited release in like 15 select cities I think. If this was any other company I'd assume it was a work but AAA does so much messy shit all the time that it actually works in their favor in this case cause I totally buy it. Why would you even ask? I believe there was also a reason given, which was her missing a show or something, which was a show she wasn't booked for. I love their beefy bodies! In addition to seeming like a genuinely nice guy met him a few times at eventsthe guy works his ass of in the ring at every show I've seen him in.

He does that for the entire packet. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Nude army girl pics. Women of Wrestling Celebrities.

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I should do it more! LU is already pretty poor position. Anyone without any physical problems wouldn't even need to consider it. Going nude videos. I'm just stating fact. I had to miss Slamdance because I was on a gig.

I assured Tenryu that nothing could be further from the truth and I was planning to work on as many WAR tours as he wanted me to. He asked if everything was okay and when I assured him that I loved working in Mexico, Paco confessed that Vamp had told him that I hated Mexico.

Aren't they both dead? Damn, that's really cool. John hennigan naked. Monster tits webcam They could have been big man. So I knew who he was, but I wasn't really that much of a fan of his. I was just writing it as if I was saying it coming out of my head.


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