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I mentioned that because it was in the titleand then went on to say what other stuff I was bothered by.

I like that, it's pretty funny, though I'm not sure where she's supposed to be in panel three. At this stage of the proceedings, are you really resorting to attacking the messenger? I will not suck or fuck! Reading 'draw harley naked committing suicide' sounds like a really weird thing.

Catwoman and Harley Quinn have sex. Young lesbian anal play. It might be less entertaining for readers, but the whole point is that life in the DC universe would probably be a lot better without her and her boyfriend periodically breaking out of Arkham to murder people in huge numbers.

Harley quinn naked cartoon

She was more about personality than appearance, for at least a fair bit of her run. Sign Up For Free. Harley quinn naked cartoon. That's just off the top of my head DC has it's moments as well like the Barry Allen version of "The Flash" killing himself in "Crisis On Infinite Earths" to slow down The Anti-Monitor by taking out one of his devices though I suppose that's debatable since as I remember it he transcended the limits of the speed force, becoming pure energy which was then propelled back in time as the lightning bolt that struck his lab giving him his powers, making him a sort of "time loop" rather than actually dying.

And what, exactly, are you assuming is my problem with this? Ignoring all of the BS feminism stuff about how strong female characters can't have anything bad happen to them or be sexualized, understand that Harley is NOT a strong female character. I'll also say that going by the way Harley's last solo series started which I said a little more about in my other post it doesn't seem unreasonable that it might start with The Joker actually asking her to kill herself, and her doing it to make him happy.

Yeah, it's well drawn and all To me, it speaks of little respect for the actual character or integrity in making the damn comic in the first place. Let's be honest, if The Joker told Harley to get naked in a tub and electrocute herself, how do you think she'd look?

So now it isn't offensive and is quite common. Furthermore, you go on to build yourself a nice little strawman by supplying evidence of a different suicide to support your point that "if this was exactly the same, but with the Joker, no one would be offended.

Had they instead just used the word 'nude', it would mean that the unclothed state is what it is like with newborns and animals and is to be no more a visual focus than the background they're placed in.

It's almost like you don't actually know what you are talking about and have no vested interest in the topic, but are simply entering a debate. What DID you mean by that response? Suggest more pornstars Thanks for submitting! About the time they gassed a building and took out a few hundred people which has happened more than once I believe I suspect one of the arresting officers would have had an "accidental firearms malfunction" in transit.

Over the years "Batman" has had many dark moments, especially during things like "No Man's Land" where we had kids lost in their own mind from PTSD "Little Orphan Andy"and people dying trapped under rubble, thinking they are being rescued but then realizing it's someone near them and the rescuers can't hear them and they die. Naked jennifer lawrence tumblr. I think this idea is brilliant.

I have presumed that you do by the manner at which you took me to task. Nudity doesn't equal sexual or objectifying for me personally. Bruce Wayne is the same thing honestly, suicide is a hot button issue even if you leave women out of it. Why is this guy still employed?

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They could have wanted a different tone. Big tit granny lesbians. I mean seriously, stop and think about not only how many people these two have killed, but how they have gone about it, including some very sadistic gimmicks like getting people to laugh themselves to death.

She is obsolete when the 90s joker is gone too. She is even more crazy, murderous than ever before. For a long time, she was a female villain-henchman that, while many considered her "sexy," was not overtly sexualized in the "seen half-naked all the time" way.

Hey, I'm not saying clothless people should never be depicted committing suicide for emotional or intellectual value or whatever. Are sales really up that much? It's be pretty unusual for them to ask for this of a male character. Catwoman and Harley Quinn have sex. I know she's kind of Joker's punching bag, but she does at least strike out on her own and join Ivy in some things at least in the animated series; can't remember if I'd read any of the comics or not Whether she was drawn clothed or naked.

As for why I'm bothered by it, well, why mention the nakedness? The point is, I wonder if the people decrying this suicide are even bothering to think about who this character is Keep me logged in Forgot Password?

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Earlier you wanted evidence that nobody blink an eyelid if it were a man. Had they instead just used the word 'nude', it would mean that the unclothed state is what it is like with newborns and animals and is to be no more a visual focus than the background they're placed in. Harley quinn naked cartoon. I believe people that are bent out of shape over this are overreacting. Hot and naked milfs. Batman hasn't always been able to rescue their victims, though he has thwarted a lot of their more elaborate plans.

That's fine, suicide while naked? Or with Joker or Ivy or something? I don't know that I'd consider her a strong female character, but she's not completely helpless either. Despite numerous attempts with mixed results nobody has managed to get her over that in any lasting sense though it has happened temporarily at least not that I know of. There is no direction in the outline that this scene oozes sensuality or sexuality whereas there is direction that she is distraught, her emotional state.

The thing that supposedly bothers you is no longer the thing you are arguing for I think DC are intentionally trying to run themselves into the ground now. How could that image even be sexy? My annoyance doesn't come with the fact that it's a woman or she's naked or whatever; honestly, more than anything, it's the way they described the panels.

A lot of people seem to be missing the point that especially nowadays "Batman" is extremely dark, and "The Joker" and "Harley" are two totally insane characters who basically commit mass murder for fun and make frivolous, light hearted fun out of carnage. But here's the thing:

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Social justice at it's finest. As entertaining as reading the antics of super villains is in comic books, if either The Joker OR Harley Quinn despite being a victim in an absolute sense actually existed I'd actually be cheering if either of them offed themselves. Oh come on, now you're just reaching. Stupid naked women. I mentioned that because it was in the titleand then went on to say what other stuff I was bothered by.

Harley is one of the Joker's victims, her mind is not only insane and twisted in it's own right, but she is utterly obsessed with him to the point of self destruction. Harley quinn naked cartoon. Why is this the thing that is most informative about the artist they're trying to find, or why is it so important for them character-wise? Would it be a difference if instead of Harley, it was supposed to be Bruce Wayne killing himself? I've skipped a few posts, but I'm also wondering why very few people are commenting on the fact that the fourth panel description This picture feels kind of relevant: Like someone asked before Have I said anything about it being sexist or misogynistic?

So now it is offensive?


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