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When Finn and Jake fly back to Earth screaming, Finn crashes through Magic Man's roof, and lands by giving Magic Man a really hard punch in the headleaving him unconscious, lying on the floor.

These are my pajamas. The "normal people" on the Ice King's TV. Women caught nude on camera. Oh, plopswe forgot about the game! When Finn and Jake are in the hollowed ground: Funn almost cried when he caught it; even without a thumb, he still managed to catch a meal.

As they go down a hill at high speed they smash of the head of a Snow Golem, who promptly replaces it with a cat's head and meows. Adventure time im naked. It's none of your business how nude I sleep, Ice King! That's the best kind! Made even funnier due to the fact that you can tell it's a trap: Naaah I'm still asleep. It doesn't bother Jake at first, but that night he has nightmares about eating him.

I don't get this. That is all I am and that is all I'll ever be, he recited in his head, as he had a hundred times before. Jake then uses his shape-shifting powers to grow his head into the shape of a hat, smiling serenely as he does. After yelling at Princess Bubblegum, Finn jumps up and slaps Lemongrab's hand, reprimanding him like a mom would reprimand her bratty kid.

Before that, we have this scene where Finn finds her talking in her sleep LSP: Bubblegum going into happy hysterics after the Ice King's pained howls cure the Candy citizens, causing her to try and flip over the bed while shouting Gratuitous German before fainting. Sexy girl number. We know a lot! Your review has been posted.

An otherwise serious moment is interrupted by another Lemongrab walking into the room, nakedand asking: And, Lumpy Space Princess, how do you fair?

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. We practically know everything already. First, there's his response to Lemongrab eating the pie out of the rat's mouth.

My sleep patterns are always super weird when I eat tomatoes. His armor is too heavy for him to stand up in. Magic Man's single, random scene.

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His belly screamed hunger, but his phantom ear cried the loudest and he flung it across the room, praying to whoever was still just in this cruel world that Master didn't look in the corner.

The demon cat's powers of approximate omniscience in general are pretty funny. Cum tits gif. All he wanted to do was save his family and instead he destroys the world and scares his baby sibling!

Is it possible to be allergic to tomatoes? He screamed all through the night, Funn shuddered to recall, even through the thick stone walls.

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Remember, Jake, this is a pre-recorded holo-message. Then comes the icing on the cake: Finding out that the food van only supplied clams Simon: So Billy, how many more of these do we need? The first time Simon sings the Cheers theme song is pretty hilarious. It's none of your business how nude I sleep, Ice King! It's what I feel comfortable doing, y'know? The creation of Goliad in the flashback: I need surgery to make my body hot.

It's the chipper way Jake's dad delivers this line that really makes it. I'm gonna say something fun like "Oh yeah, I'm having a fun time! After mumbling to himself for a few seconds, he suddenly bursts into a large grin, and starts laughing an utterly joyless and creepy laugh that makes everyone cringe. He got as far as the front gate before an arrow took him in the shoulder, and as punishment Funn was stabbed twice, once with a needle to stop the wound from festering, and again with something, far, far worse.

And when you get fat, I can grow it back! It's in these moments that the audience realizes that Lemongrab isn't a jerk- he's a "special" jerk. Adventure time im naked. What the heck are you guys doing in my crack?! He then flips out when Finn asks what tier 15 is. By squirting him with a water spray bottle.

Mods have the right to wave the warning ONLY if the user is blatantly disrespecting the rules. Thanks for being cool, guys. Mirror shot naked. As serious as The Lich is, his flustered reaction when he realized that he wished to send Finn and Jake back home instead of destroying all life was quite amusing.

The scene with PB experimenting with the tiny candy peoplealthough it may be scary to some.


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