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The sex is too sad for even Piper and she leaves quickly to go cry in the bathroom. Watching as they coyly discuss the next stage in their relationship, imagining what could come next is delightful.

Luck was on our side, and what more could we ask for than this scene where Alex goes down on Piper, then when Piper considers the same, the two discuss how this would be Piper's first experience with that particular activity. Sex xxx video fuck. While the moment is anything but sexual, putting yourself in the mindset of someone who gets to see some pretty nice boobs out of nowhere is always a turn on. Lesbian scenes orange is the new black. The third moment from the first episode of this show to make our list, one thing is abundantly clear; they wanted to make sure people stuck around.

It was the scene that finally proved scissoring isn't the lesbian go-to, but more than that, this moment gave us a real personal in several ways look into Poussey's life that we hadn't had before. The couple didn't last, but the hey, who knows what the future may bring?

Viewers are seeing a whole new side of Laura Prepon in Netflix's "Orange is the New Black," in which she plays drug smuggling lesbian Alex Vause, the manipulative criminal whose schemes land her naive ex, Piper Chapman Taylor Schillingin jail alongside her.

Nichols and Morello in Church. Blessed with a body to kill or die for, the world marvelled when they too got to see her stand in the buff in the middle of a shower room. A fresh take on sports: Dancing seductively while taking off pieces of her clothing, Piper starts to work the bed like a stripper pole and proves that she absolutely knows how to move her body. All of Our Stories Matter. Season 3, Episode 4, Filled with affection and lust for one another, it is required viewing for enthusiasts of sexy television moments.

By Preston Max Allen prestonmaxallen. Ebony bbw nude pics. With absolutely no opportunity for Alex and Piper to get together in season 2, we were at the mercy of flashbacks to reunite Litchfield's Cutest Couple. The series certainly threw the two actresses in at the deep end, and Prepon told Canada.

She even nearly managed to shut up Soso for a few minutes, though that would probably take a literal miracle to actually achieve. On working with Jodie Foster, who directed the third episode: If it was possible to be anti-turned on, this is it. Season 1, Episode 9, It also was a great story moment as it was quickly juxtaposed with her showering in prison which is anything but a happy experience for her.

Those chapel sex scenes are just really raising the bar here! Alas, just as Piper is about to "take the plunge," Alex's crazy semi-girlfriend storms in and starts beating Piper up. Seen in a bedroom, both are totally nude as they attempt the lesbian act that brings to mind steel cutting through paper.

While Alex sits on her bed reading a book, Piper does what she needs to ensure that she wins her attention over. Taking part in the visiting room, they begin by imagining that she has made his favourite dish before their desires overcome them.

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Seen making love before cradling each other and talking, this moment and another in a library later in the episode is the series at its most tender and loving, which can be really hot.

By Preston Max Allen prestonmaxallen. We may have to wait until June 6th for more Orange is the New Black to arrive on Netflix, but that doesn't mean we can't continue to enjoy what's already available to us! Give TheRichest a Thumbs up! It's beautiful because they love each other. Big tits exhibition. The briefest of scenes in the very first episode of this show, this involves two important characters getting it on where anyone could see them, an open shower.

Immediately after the opening credits, we cut to Piper about to pop as a hand rubs her chest. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. It's not a long moment thanks a lot, end creditsbut Piper storming down the hall, grabbing Alex, and getting it on in the sensual glow of the stained glass is about as passionate as OITNB gets. On getting lesbian sexy on screen: Three episodes into the third season, Piper and Alex seem to have pretty much stayed in the exact same place.

We don't see much, but the imagination will do just fine on this one. Season 2, Episode 6, Nichols and Morello Take a Shower. Clearly sensual experiences, this moment got us going right from the start, especially considering it offered up our first view of both actresses, Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling, nude for the first time.

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Utterly unabashed, her character, Stella Carlin, has a full-fledged conversation without a single stitch of clothing on or a moment of embarrassment. Lesbian scenes orange is the new black. Escort massage huddersfield. Season 3, Episode 3, 4: I was in Germany sightseeing, eating Bratwurst and hanging out in beer gardens.

The first episode of OITNB certainly found a creative way to help us get to know Nichols and Morello a little better, and now this brief moment has become one of our fondest memories. Go to mobile site.

Cosplay Is for Everyone. First of all, if that thought occurred to you then you should appreciate the embarrassment of riches this pairing has provided all of us viewers. More you may like. During the series' opening seconds, we are greeted by a voiceover from series lead Piper, telling us about how much she loves baths and showers because of the way they make her feel.

Introducing Piper and Alex. Learn More Have an account? Season 1, Episode 9, After a rocky relationship to say the leasta recently-released-from-SHU Piper finally overcomes her Alex issues and steals her away for a hook up in the apparent go-to place for Litchfield sexual counters: Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.

On how she got the role:


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